Quality in the brewery

Our dedication to Quality at Golden Road is essential to making the best beer possible so that we can be proud of our brewery and even more proud of our beer.

You are an essential part of our team, dedicated to making our beer delicious, award winning, and safe. Use this site to navigate all things Quality at Golden Road and feel free to reach out to the Quality Manager with any questions comments or concerns.


Beer quality complaint reporting

Did you find a 6 pack of beer in the market that is overage? Or did you buy your friend a pint of Wolf Pup at a bar and it didn't taste right? Did you buy a 15-pack and the handle broke on the way to the car?

We want to know! We have a dedicated team that responds to all of these issues.

As an ambassador to the company you know our brands best. We rely on you to make sure our beer is great from the brewhouse all the way to the market. Click the button below to connect with Beer Talk and then follow the prompts!


Freshness codes

Freshness is incredibly important to our brand identity and customer satisfaction. As we develop new brands and learn more about them we can adjust freshness codes accordingly. This is the most updated list we have of all brands and brand categories.

If you see something in the market that might be out of code, check this list!

Golden Road Brewing is committed to responsible drinking.

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